Latest, December 2022

Dates :Today, October 8th 2022, I have uploaded here on the page the Registry Book, Land Registers from Lund Castle, Dueholm and Skarpenberg Len 1595-1688 and also Registry Book extract for Morsø Nørre and Søndre Herred 1688-1770 so that we can now together look back over a long period 1599-1799 on Maars Land, DKK completely free for everyone who has roots here

People : have completed a small tree for January 2022 for recently passed mother~grandmother~great grandmother with a tree of approximately 16 ancestors several of these with large sibling group of 10 people ordered by the great-great-grandchild: Delivery was public tree on Geni and a small booklet pdf on 20 pages with data for each ancestor for a total of 800kr~175$CDN. Today, October 8, a family member from southern Sweden has rediscovered the connection to the same. At the bottom of the page there are now links to 3D heraldry coats of arms, which can help us find values.

Places : In February 2022, submitted a study on a xx farm on Morsø in the period before 1750 to approximately 1850: The submission was to a professional genealogist consisted of copies of mortgage and attachment deeds, probate records, cadastral extracts, military and the price was: DKK 1200~ 225$CDN.

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